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A walk in the park….


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Read my story “A walk in the park.”

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My ten favourite things…..


Here are my ten favourite things…

1. Animals

2. Katy Perry

3. Shoes

4. Turquoise

5.  Dance

6. Flowers

7. Art

8. Being active

9. Movies

10. Julianne hough



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my favourite things.


1. Dance

2. Art

3. Pasta

4. Animals

5. Music

6. Friends





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Top 10 most endangered species.


10. Right whale –

9. Vaquita –

8. Greater bamboo lemur –

7. Mako shark –

6. Leather back sea turtle –

5. Mountain gorilla –

4. Rhinoceros –

3. Amur Leopard –

2. Giant panda –

1. Tiger –


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Why I think people change their identity online…


I think people sometimes change the way they look or talk or even their culture because of safety or maybe just to fool around. Sometimes whether its for a video game or a Facebook profile many people are not themselves.I am not exactly sure why people do it but if I ever changed my name on my blog or Facebook it would be for safety and my privacy.On the other hand some people are just themselves online and have avatars that look identical to them in real life .

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My Story…


There is a sign in a forest.It says “a secret hides in this forest”. Nobody actually knows what it means so i am going to make a story about it.


One day a little girl named Emma went on a walk with her dog through a large forest that was behind her house Emma had just moved in a week ago and was still trying to make some friends.It was Saturday morning and it was pretty rainy out.She slipped on her rain boots and zipped up her rain coat and went outside. As she walked her dog she started to notice it was getting stormier and stormier as she got further into the forest.She saw a white sign that said “A secret hides in this forest.” The sign made her even more curious to see what that meant.Emma finally came upon a GIANT tree and there was a GIANT tree house in it.She climbed up the ladder and into the tree house.There was many things in the tree house as it was so big, but no people.She climbed up to the second level of the tree house as she heard voices.There were a bunch of  kids and they freaked out when they saw her.They accused her of spying on them but Emma kept on denying it.They settled down and then decided to tell her why they were up in the tree house.They said that they were new to the area as well and there was something in each one of their houses that kept telling them to go to the forest or something bad would happen. The storm got worse and then settled.A giant rainbow spread across the sky and gold started pouring from above.The storm turned out to be the best day in the world.


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My passion…


My passion is the arts.I like music, painting and I love to dance.Why??  Because They are all hard things to do and I like challenges.It is hard to dance , its hard to paint something that’s actually decent looking , and its hard to make music.They are also very fun.My favourite thing to do out of  the arts is dance because it is really fun and I am always excited to leave for my dance classes.



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10 dream jobs…..


10 – baker

9 – vet

8 – model

7 – dancer

6 – humane society employee

5 – scientist

4 – teacher

3 – therapist

2 – interior designer

1 – marine biologist!!!!!


Hopefully I get one of those jobs 🙂

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Who do I want to meet ?? dead or alive….


I want to meet five people alive… the other five are dead.( I know sounds freaky:)

here is my list : alive

– Carley Rae Jepson – Who is your idol??

– Barack Obama – Is it hard being president??

– Katy perry – What is, in your opinion the best song you’ve made?

– Leslie Caron – How many dance competitions have you been in??

– Justin Beiber- what is your favourite actor\ actress?


– Robert Joffery- What was your best dance?

– Michael Jackson- If you could say one last thing to your children what would it be??

– My great grandma- was my dad a stubborn child?? 😉

– Aberham Lincon- What is your favourite sport??

– John A Mcdonald – What is your favourite type of music??

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